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We are the North County Conservatives, a grassroots, no dues organization... neither attached to or run by any political party. We are a group of private citizens from the greater San Diego area that share a common belief in the fundamental primacy of individual liberty in governing affairs. Therefore, we advocate for limited government that will support our natural rights, as written in the Declaration of Independence, to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."



The North County Conservatives aim to become the leading voice in north San Diego County for conservative thought and activism. To achieve this position of trust and authority, we will work to develop, discuss, and promote conservative ideas and conduct proactive outreach to our local and surrounding communities.



We are a group of individuals, not here because of political party affiliation, but rather because of a shared philosophy. We do not necessarily agree with each other on all of the points but retain our individual identities while supporting the common goals.

Conservative Opinion & News

The Right Scoop

WATCH: Rep. Turner uses Fiona Hill testimony to explain why hearsay can be terribly wrong… (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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WATCH: Chris Cuomo puts Trump tweet about phone calls to the test ON-AIR and fails miserably (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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BREAKING: Michael Bloomberg officially FILES for 2020 run for president; BUT he apparently still hasn’t decided… (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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Breaking News – Latest World, US, Science, Entertainment, Election, Technology News and Current Events

Republican Bevin concedes Kentucky governor's race (Thu, 14 Nov 2019)
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Ocasio-Cortez jabs 'plutocratic' late entrants to 2020 field (Thu, 14 Nov 2019)
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McCarthy brands Schiff a liar, Pelosi accuses Trump of bribery as impeachment war heats up (Thu, 14 Nov 2019)
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Conservative Columnists with Political News Commentary, Analysis

Mayor Pete Sits in Judgment of God (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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Character Makes A Comeback (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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Israel’s Hail Mary to Prevent a Third Election in One Year (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
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