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"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have rejoiced in their loss of freedom who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious." —Marcus Cicero 

"To preserve [the] independence [of the people,] we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude." —Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816


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In fact, it was our second president, John Adams, who said of our thoroughly researched and developed governing document, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  Quote from Ben Carson's book, "One Nation."

This is a forwarded email from the Escondido Chamber of Commerce. It is a FREE event, but seats are LIMITED to 150 guests. If you would like to attend REGISTER NOW through the link below:

Good Afternoon,

We have the opportunity to host a Town Hall meeting with Congressman, Duncan Hunter on February 8, 2016. Duncan will be there at 5:30 pm for a meet and greet, followed by an hour of Q&A beginning at 6:00 pm. 

We hope you consider joining us! Here is the link to register, or simply reply to me, and I will gladly add you to the list. 


Rorie Johnston


Escondido Chamber of Commerce

(760) 745-2125



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Happy New Year everybody! Hope you are refreshed and optimistic and raring to go. May 2016 be our year!

The first meeting of the year for your North County Conservatives will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month and that is January 26th at Mike's BBQ, 1356 W. Valley Parkway in the Staples shopping center. Meeting starts at 6:00 pm.

Our speaker will be Jake MacAulay, COO of the Institute on the Constitution. The IOTC is an educational outreach that presents the founders' American view on law and government. The Institute has produced thousands of graduates in all 50 states, each of whom is well grounded in the biblical principles that permeate America's founding documents. Jake founded the American Club, a constitutional study group for both public and private schools. He is sought after speaker and educator across the country and we are blessed to have him as our guest. Bring some young people to hear this important information which they are NOT getting in our public schools (can you say "Common Core?"). 

Seriously on the funny side...


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Critical Information for EVERYONE in California
Please send to everyone in your circle of influence!
AB 1461 Will Lead to 'State Sanctioned' Voter Fraud
Key Highlights
  • Bad Timing: CA automatic voter registration bill would operate in tandem with existing law allowing noncitizens to receive driver licenses
  • Bad Data Practices: California's DMV records are unable to differentiate between U.S. citizen and noncitizens when automatically plugging them into voter rolls
  • Sanctioning Fraud: Noncitizens found voting will be excused from prosecution
  • Universal Concern: TTV, EIP-CA, ACLU, AAAJ and others agree that millions of votes could be wrongfully cast
HOUSTON, TX. / LOS ANGELES, CA. -- September 23, 2015: True the Vote (TTV), the nation's leading voters' rights and election integrity organization and the Election Integrity Project of California, a nonpartisan citizen group dedicated to improving California's elections, today called on Governor Jerry Brown to veto AB 1461, the California New Motor Voter Program.
After months of study and communication with lawmakers and state agencies alike, the election integrity organizations demand that AB 1461 be vetoed.
"AB 1461 will effectively change the form of governance in California from a Republic whose elected officials are determined by United States citizens and will guarantee that noncitizens will participate in all California elections going forward," Election Integrity Project of California President Linda Paine said. "It is appalling that California legislators would support a bill that facilitates noncitizens to register and vote without prosecutorial immunity. We call on Governor Brown to veto this brazen attempt to completely break down the integrity of California's election process to the point that it cannot be repaired."
"This bill is terrible. It makes an already bad situation much, much worse," True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. "The California New Motor Voter Program promises to improve voter participation by automatically registering CA-DMV customers to vote.  What's been conveniently overlooked is that California's registration databases lack the necessary safeguards to keep non-citizens off the voter rolls. Now, legislators are quite literally asking Gov. Brown to intentionally, systematically, push millions of non-citizens onto California's voter rolls."

According to the ACLU, approximately 3 MILLION noncitizens residing in California could be registered upon enforcement of the bill.
Contact Governor Brown and DEMAND he veto AB1461.

Confusing U.S. Citizens with Noncitizens

Unlike the few other states that have opted for or are considering automatic voter registration through driver license agencies, pre-existing California law (AB 60) allows for the issuance of driver's licenses to noncitizens regardless of ability to prove legal presence. Recent estimates provided by CA-DMV 
claim nearly 700,000 individuals had taken advantage of the new licensing privileges since first offered in January 2015.
During interviews with TTV research staff, the CA-DMV Legal Affairs Division explained that the agency's licensing records were not designed to differentiate noncitizen drivers from U.S. citizens, nor were there plans to create a stand-alone list of AB 60 recipients. 

Simply put, other offices, such as the California Secretary of State, would not be readily able to discern voter eligibility relying on incoming CA-DMV database records. As a contrast, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration explained to TTV that noncitizen drivers were easily identified in their database thanks to unique indicators[1].
State-Sanctioned Fraud

In previous versions of AB 1461, the bill required that the CA-DMV transmit "the document code or equivalent identifier associated with the document the person provided to prove that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under federal law and that the applicant is a citizen of the United States" to statewide voter registration officials during the automation process.
The bill currently on Governor Brown's desk now contains no such language,  
as it was stripped prior to enrollment[2]. Further, the current bill provides the sole responsibility of ensuring that only U.S. citizens are registered to vote be placed with the Secretary of State -  forcing voter registrars to sift through six-figure sums of applications without clear citizenship indicators[3].

Finally, AB 1461 Section 2269 protects ineligible voters from criminal prosecution:
If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter and votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person's registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and shall not be guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote pursuant to Section 18560, unless that person willfully votes or attempts to vote knowing that he or she is not entitled to vote.. 
Contact Governor Brown and DEMAND he veto AB1461.

Widespread Concern for AB 1461

The Election Integrity Project of California and True the Vote are not alone in demanding AB 1461 be vetoed due to heightened concerns of noncitizen votes diluting the value of legal ones. The California branch of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Asian Americans Advancing Justice have both spoken against the bill over concerns that the millions of noncitizens residing in the state could be mistaken for U.S. citizens and participate in elections[4].
"Governor Brown has a very simple decision to make," TTV FounderEngelbrecht added. "He can veto a bill that facilitates widespread election fraud or he can rubber-stamp a measure that decimates whatever faith is still left in California's election system. The choice should be clear."
The Governor may vote soon. We recommend that you fax your comments or letters or send a letter so that there is written evidence of your disapproval.
Please Take Action NOW!

A single paragraph will help him register how the citizens feel about this.
Contact him by mail, phone, or fax.
Mailing address:
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax:     (916) 558-3160
This is how your legislator voted.  Please contact them and let them know what you think about their vote!  

EIP is a nonpartisan, group of U.S. and California citizen volunteers seeking to fulfill our duty to actively participate in the governing of our state/country by helping to ensure the integrity of the voting process which protects our freedoms and way of life. EIP volunteers seek to protect a government of, by, and for the people by maintaining an active role in that part of government which empowers us with the most fundamental right of a Constitutional Republic ~ the right to choose our representatives by vote. To learn more, visit

True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) voters' rights organization, founded to inspire and equip voters for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit

[1] Email conversation with MVA External Affairs Division, May 20, 2015
[2] Sec. 2263(b)(1)(E)
[3] Sec. 2262(b)
[4] California Senate Standing Committee on Transportation and Housing, July 14, 2015


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The LGBT Weekly says you have cooties.  Actually, cooties are for kids.  Grownups accuse each other of "hate".  
LGBT Weekly was upset that Privacy For All was raising money on the popular crowd funding website "GoFundMe".  The site was used to fund PFA's initiative to prohibit unwanted intrusion of physically opposite individuals into bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. 
On the playground, a sure way to isolate the one you did not like, was to say that he or she had cooties.  Playground bullies age, but their tactics don't change that much.
Don't like what somebody is saying? Accuse them of "hate".
Want to stop somebody from donating to a charity that you do not favor? Call the charity "hateful".
Too lazy to form an argument? Call your opponent a "hater".
There is not such a thing as cooties.  But hate really does exist.  And that is why it is all the more repulsive that some throw around the accusation so casually.  
In fairness, LGBT Weekly did have a source for the accusation that a hater is among us.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled one member of the PFA coalition as a "hate group".  And SPLC should know about hate.  They have amassed a small fortune by labeling their ideological opponents as "hate groups".  Never mind that the SPLC has come under increasing fire from conservative and liberal groups alike for their name-calling.
Hate is a motivation, not an act.  Neither LGBT Weeklynor the Southern Poverty Law Center have a mirror to see into people's souls.  The claim that those who do not agree with them are motivated by hate might itself be motivated by hate.
But the accusation of hate shows something more in terms of the battle over who will be allowed to use which bathroom.  Those advocating that gender identity be used as a pass into formerly off limits facilities rely on feelings over reality.
If a boy FEELS like a girl, then he should be able to use the girls' locker room.  (Or the boys' locker room if that FEELS better.)
If you disagree with those actions, then it FEELS like you are full of hate.
But reality and nakedness trump feelings.  In the locker room, unwanted exposure will make some very uncomfortable.  Modesty and a desire for privacy is not hate.  
PFA will not let the accusation of cooties or hate stop them from protecting the privacy of boys and girls in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.  LetLGBT Weekly and the Southern Poverty Law Center know that you will not be intimidated.  Add your signatureto the Personal Privacy Protection Act initiative. After you sign a petition, donate to Privacy for All and help to protect privacy in California.  

Privacy for All
The Basics
  • This Initiative, if passed, will protect an individual's right to privacy while using locker rooms, restrooms, and showers in government buildings, including public schools. 
  • Under the "Personal Privacy Protection Act" a person must use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in government buildings, including schools.
  • Currently in California, schools are implementing co-ed locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers! This Initiative is necessary to stop this assault on privacy. 
  • Boys and girls should not be forced to shower, change, or use the restroom in front of members of the opposite sex. 
  • We must gather 500,000 signatures to qualify this Initiative for the 2016 ballot.
  •  Petitions are due in our office by November 20th, 2015. 



A recent Harvard study revealed what many of us have been feeling – millennials are starting to feel the effects of bad policies on our generation. We produced a video with some of the important findings from these recent studies that we believe others need to know. Will you help us by passing it along?

This is a video created entirely by college students to help wake up our generation.

I wanted to share this with you and ask that you send it to as many people as possible through your networks, email, facebook and twitter.

Thanks for helping us bring about real change at a time when our nation desperately needs the next generation to engage.


Audrea Taylor

President, im2moro



Your North County Conservatives hold their fourth Tuesday of the month meetings at Mike's BBQ at 1356 West Valley Parkway. Mike's BBQ is located in the Staples Center west of the I-15 freeway (go to for directions, menu, etc.). We at NCC feel that each meeting is important, so please come prepared to learn how YOU can get involved in "Making America Great Again."

Your North County Conservatives next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. In addition to our guest speaker(s), representatives from the offices of Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Jr. and State Senator Mark Wyland may be with us and available to answer questions.




Many Changes to California Voter Laws in 2015

By Janie Costa |

Procedure for ballot initiatives, voting, and registering to vote in California elections, has changed with the onslaught of new bills signed into law in 2015.

Previously, for ballots to be counted, they must have arrived to either a polling place or the designated County elections office by close on Election Day. Essentially, ballots mailed on election day were not counted, per the law, had they not arrived to the elections officeRead the full story

Padilla has long to-do list as California's election boss

By Jim Miller | The Sacramento Bee

When he is sworn in Monday as California secretary of state, Alex Padilla, a former two-term state senator and possible candidate for higher office, will assume one of the most-maligned posts in state government.

The secretary of state's campaign-finance disclosure system is old and confusing, businesses complain about filing delays and a federally required computerized voter registration list is years behind schedule, contributing to a national survey recently ranking California second-to-last in election administration. Read the full story

Secretary of State Launches #BoostTheVote Brainstorm

By Matt Williams |

Secretary of State Alex Padilla is calling on the public to share their ideas for increasing voter participation, using the hashtag #BoostTheVote.

"The turnout in last November's election was a historic low for California. We can do better. That's why I'm asking for your help," Padilla said in a video released Wednesday. Turnout for registered voters was just 18 percent. Typically, turnout reaches into the 30s or 40sRead the full story

Smith: Tehama County tops state in voting accuracy

By Michael Smith | Daily News Letters

Tehama County is one of the top two counties in our state to cast a lawful ballot and for that ballot to be accurately counted.

Election Integrity Project is a corporation that has as its mission that, “Every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted. Read the full story

731 Pennsylvania voters may have cast 2 ballots or voted elsewhere, secretary of state says

By Brad Bumsted and Aaron Aupperlee |

More than 700 Pennsylvania voters might have cast two ballots in recent elections, the secretary of State said Thursday.

The figures show "there's potential voter fraud in Pennsylvania," said Carol Aichele, who added she is powerless to investigate or prosecute double voters. Read the full story

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"The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.” -Judge Judy 


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Amendment Cosponsors: To date we have 85 cosponsors in the U.S. House and 13 cosponsors in the Senate, plus 36 Senators on SR 99.


Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights

To view the entire 37-minute docudrama, click on the following link:

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Entering a New Era in Congress

-- September 22, 2015 is entering a new era – an era of broader cooperation, wider reach, and bipartisan support. It is also an era of greater awareness for parental rights issues fueled by scholars and experts who contribute to the conversation, as well as by parents being awakened due to state-level threats to their freedoms.

This new era comes in with the end of summer and our Summer Power Sweep. That effort has produced some surprising results for the Parental Rights Amendment.

It is still too early to name names, but we have been making a focused effort this summer to reach key leaders on both sides of the congressional aisle. This is vital in gridlocked Washington, D.C.

In the past, we have had overwhelming support, but only in one party – and our reach has been limited to the same. We had dozens and dozens of cosponors, but zero chance of passage.

That will not be the case this Congress.

So while we don’t have glamorous and exciting numbers to share, we are thrilled with the work that has gone on all summer to get us across the aisle. It has been a formidable hurdle, but one we only need to overcome once.

We believe we will see solid results in just the next few weeks – and the new era in Congress will begin!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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