"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

We the People...


Your North County Conservatives hold their fourth Tuesday of the month meetings at Mike's BBQ at 1356 West Valley Parkway. Mike's BBQ is located in the Staples Center west of the I-15 freeway (go to http://mikesbbq.net/ for directions, menu, etc.). We at NCC feel that each meeting is important, so please come prepared to learn how YOU can get involved in "Making America Great Again."


Next NCC General Meeting:

Your North County Conservatives next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April  22, 2014.

Our next meeting is soon approaching so mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 22nd - it will be another good one!

Our first speaker will be Frank Dowse. To refresh: Frank Dowse is a former Marine officer and State Department guy who spoke at our meeting once before and, with a standing ovation, was invited on the spot for an encore. This is it! His current energies are devoted to shaking the lazy and self-interested California GOP tree, challenging the "good old boys" habit of forcing candidates on us. For instance, he is the wind beneath the wings of the Kirk Jorgenson campaign (vs. Carl Demaio). Expect excellence. Frank's whole life has been about excellence and he is inspiring.

Lou Oberman will be our second speaker. You have heard us speak with enthusiasm about Mark Levin's book, The Liberty Amendments. Well, Lou Oberman is an activist who is leading the way in this national grassroots movement, breathing life into the future reality where "We The People" reign in our lawless, out of control central government. Not required but useful: if you read The Liberty Amendments beforehand and have questions, Lou Oberman is the man to answer them.

P.S. This writer has heard three radio talk show hosts diss the idea of a "Constitutional Convention." They are misspeaking about a Convention of States and probably haven't read the book. "We The People" need to understand our power through Article V so that we can correct these guys when they misrepresent such a seriously important issue.  

In addition to our guest speakers, representatives from the offices of Assemblywoman Marie WaldronCongressman Duncan Hunter, Jr. and State Senator Mark Wyland will be with us and available to answer questions.


NCC Fundraiser:

NCC is hosting a fundraiser for conservative gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly this coming Friday, March 28th, at Mike's BBQ. Friends, this is a PARTY!!! Happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., $50 per person or 2 for $75. "Donnelly for Governor" T-shirts available for $20 with net profit all going to help the Donnelly campaign. We will be providing finger food and there will be a no-host bar available. Please come and show your support! And volunteer to help!!!

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