"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case." —Thomas Paine, "Dissertation on First Principles of Government," 1795.

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Call To Action

We have received word that once again legislators in Sacramento have no concern for legitimate voters...that means YOU...and are attempting to use rhetoric to stop AB1836 from becoming law. This law will protect Vote-by-Mail voters during this time of chaos in our election process.

We finally have a bill that will protect voters from illegitimate third party drop-offs and the committee members claim it is not needed. Show them the citizens of California SUPPORT this bill by taking action NOW...this morning by contacting the committee members…and this afternoon by going to the committee hearing with small signs indicating you SUPPORT AB1836. Even if there are too many to make it into the committee room, stay in the hall outside the door with your signs.

In the vein of citizen advocacy for fair and honest elections, we are calling on you to take immediate action TODAY!

Call, Fax, Email each committee member to SUPPORT AB1836.

Go to the Committee meeting at 1:30pm in Room 444 (arrive by 1pm because AB 1836 is first on the docket) of the Capitol TODAY to show support for AB1836.

Our Position

We, at the Election Integrity Project, Inc. (EIP),SUPPORT AB 1836 (Vote by Mail Ballots) because it calls for stricter requirements for those acting as a third party to drop off another voter’s vote by mail ballot at the polls on Election Day.

  1. By requiring the third party to provide proof of identification or residence, AB 1836 would provide the voters badly needed protection against theft and manipulation of vote by mail ballots. This protection is particularly important for those whom EIP research finds to be among the more vulnerable population groups, such as the sick, elderly, disabled, homeless, language challenged and young. 
  2. AB 1836 would greatly deter unlawful vote by mail ballot harvesting, and ensure that the drop-off agent is indeed the person designated by the voter, and no other. The bill also includes a clear way to resolve ballot rejection in the event that the third party cannot provide the required identification. Thus the voter’s ballot is better protected without danger of disenfranchisement due to the actions of another. 
  3. AB 1836 would help increase voter confidence that every vote is cast lawfully and, thereby, would increase voter participation in California elections. The protections of AB 1836 are strong, imposing no impediment to the voter while creating a layer of protection against ballot fraud. We look forward to working with you as this bill moves forward. 
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California’s on-line voter registration system lacks sufficient safeguards and enables voting fraud

Over 6,000 duplicate registrations generated on line in just nine counties,
with over 100 appearing to vote twice on November 6, 2012.

SANTA CLARITA, CA. April 14, 2014 - Election Integrity Project (EIP), a citizen-funded nonpartisan election oversight group, today reported on its analysis of 2012-2013 on-line voter registrations in nine counties. California’s on-line registration system was authorized by Governor Brown and launched September 19, 2012, one month before the registration cut-off date for the 2012 Presidential Election. News reports at that time suggested that on-line voter registration was implemented to boost college-age registrations and help pass the Proposition 30 tax increase that was on the ballot. More than 500,000 Californians registered on line during that period.

EIP’s analyses of voter lists in nine counties show that the on-line registration system lacks sufficient safeguards to prevent duplications of existing voters. The organization found that 6,080 persons duplicated their voter registrations using the on-line system. Over 4,500 of these duplicates occurred in Los Angeles County. Unfortunately, the duplications were not identified and cleared up by officials before the 2012 election and they were still on the counties’ books as of summer-fall 2013. While voters may not have purposely duplicated their registrations, the system should have prevented the duplication of already-registered persons.
In addition to the 6,080 duplicates generated via the on-line system, 113 of these suspected duplicated registrants appear to have voted twice on November 6, 2012. Almost half of these suspected double voters were college age (18-24), who were targeted for on line registration and Proposition 30 support in that election.
EIP President Linda Paine stated, “With serious list maintenance deficiencies in California counties and no single, statewide voter registration database in place, it was shocking that the Governor chose to authorize an online voter registration system that would potentially disenfranchise legitimate voters by ultimately enabling double voting.”
EIP has submitted the duplicate registrations and suspected double voters to county election officials for investigation. California’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Debra Bowen, has also been notified. There has been no response to EIP’s expressed concerns about the on-line voter registration system from any election official, including Bowen and Los Angeles Co. Registrar Dean Logan. Additionally, EIP knows of only one EIP-reported case of unlawful voting that has been referred to law enforcement by election officials.
To learn more about Election Integrity Project and to support their vital work to protect fair and honest elections for all voters, visit www.electionintegrityproject.com


Linda Paine, President

Ellen Swensen, Chief Analyst

We are a citizen advocacy group and rely on the kind and generous donations of those who believe the integrity of the CA election process is paramount to fair and honest elections. Please consider donating today.
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The question is

By Ruth Weiss | Election Integrity Project

The question is: do states have the right to determine voter qualifications within their state? According to last Wednesday’s federal court decision, the answer is YES: YES they can require legitimate proof that voters and prospective voters qualify under the law to vote.

In all states, U.S. citizenship entitles all duly registered people to vote (with restrictions such as felony conviction, etc.). However, most registration forms require the applicant only to check a box indicating citizenship. Not satisfied with the ‘honor system”, Kansas, Arizona and Georgia have enacted laws that require voters to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and that requirement was added to their state voter registration forms…Read the full story »

Bowen and Pew foundation at odds on California's non-voters

By Jim Miller | The Sacramento Bee

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen made it clear this week that she has some problems with a major non-profit effort to improve elections and increase the number of people registered to voteRead the full story »

Poll: 78 percent support proof-of-citizenship requirements

By Daniel Doherty | townhall.com

Before we get to the poll itself there are two stories related to voter I.D. laws worth revisiting today. Guy brought you the first one last week; we learned from a local NBC News affiliate in Florida that voter fraud is alive and well in the Sunshine State…Read the full story »

More than 300,000 Pennsylvanians could be registered in another state too

By Steve Esack and Scott Kraus | The Morning Call

More than 340,000 Pennsylvanians could be registered to vote here and in another state, but that does not mean they are fraudulently casting two ballots on election days, according to state officialsRead the full story »

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo campaign workers arrested for election fraud

By Bob Kappstatter | BronxTimes

BREAKING NEWS - Three campaign workers for south Bronx City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo were arrested Wednesday, March 26 for filing falsified nominating petitions, riddled with fictitious names and addresses, including Yankees team captain Derek Jeter and model Kate Moss...Read the full story »

Former Emerson councilman enters probation program to avoid trial in election fraud case

By Peter J. Sampson | northjersey.com

With an agreement to step down from the Emerson Borough Council and forego public service for life, Ronald Griffin was allowed to enter a diversionary program on Wednesday to resolve charges that he engaged in election fraud during the June 2013 primary...Read the full story »

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