“With regard to donations always expect the most from prudent people, who keep their own accounts.” Joseph Addison, English essayist, poet, dramatist and statesman, 1672-1719

We the People...


Your North County Conservatives is a ground up, grass roots group of "prudent people" whose aim it has always been "to become the leading voice in north San Diego County for conservative thought and activism." We have worked hard "to develop, discuss, and promote conservative ideas and conduct proactive outreach to our local and surrounding communities" by offering more than just "rah rah sis koom bah" flag waving, sign toting protest events. We have scheduled all day free seminars on our nation's founding documents, sponsored activist training from American Majority at a nominal cost, premiered two free showings of "Not Evil Just Wrong" to counter Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary on global warming, provided a fun-filled "Pre-Independence Day TEA Party" with live music at Grape Day Park, set up a voter information booth at the Escondido Street Faire... and the list goes on and on. With money being tight these days, NCC shops around for the least expensive venues. FREE is best, but this is not always possible. Then there is the occasional cost of liability insurance as was required for our Grape Day Park event, and so forth.

As a group, we want to continue providing inland North County with conservative thought-provoking, action-stimulating events so "We the People" can take our country back from those who would destroy her from within. If you can help us continue our effort , your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

You can save NCC 2.9% plus the 30¢ transaction fee by sending your check made payable to North County Conservatives to:  North County Conservatives, 10141 Boulder Knolls Drive, Escondido, CA 92026-6627.  Please be advised that your donation IS NOT deductible for income tax purposes.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... and "let freedom ring" throughout our land!

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