"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children (America), the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." Ronald Reagan

We the People...



15 APRIL 2009

One of our first activities as a group was to organize the Escondido TEA Party on 15 April 2009 where over 3,000 citizens gathered to protest the excessive spending and taxation being pursued in Sacramento and Washington, DC.



17 MAY 2009

On 17 May 2009, we hosted a booth at the Escondido Street Faire to urge voters to reject the slate of flawed propositions our failed Governor and Legislature tried to foist upon us.


28 JUNE 2009

On 28 June 2009, we hosted a second Escondido TEA Party at Grape Day Park to rally voters against the impending Cap & Trade and socialized health care legislation. For those of you who couldn't be there and for those who came and would like to relive a truly "We the People" experience, please view our NCC-produced video on YouTube:

Part I:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIGSmrTQObo

Part II:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unr_SX9HL4U 


17 JULY 2009

On 17 July 2009, we spearheaded the protests against government run health care at the Solana Beach office of Congressman Brian Bilbray and the Vista office of Congressman Darrell Issa.




On Friday morning, members of the North County Conservatives spearheaded protests against President Obama's government run health care plan at the offices of Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Darrell Issa. With both congressmen being solidly against President Obama’s plan, their staffs were cordial to the protesters at Solana Beach and in Vista. While Congressman Issa’s people were setting up a table with coffee, bagels with cream cheese, and donuts, sadly, protesting constituents at Senator Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis office were shown no respect, just contempt; the senator’s office was locked, blinds drawn, police called and peaceful protestors forced off public property. Although building management forced the Vista protesters to move to public sidewalks, Congressman Issa’s people moved the continental breakfast table near the sidewalk and invited members of the group to his office where a conference call to his Washington office was attempted. Unfortunatlely, the Congressman was unavailable due to a quorum call.

Protesters carried signs, waved American flags, wore Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" T-shirts... "VOTE OUT INCUMBENTS/VOTE IN TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS/CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!", "STOP GOVT. HEALTH SNARE," "BO+JO=NO JOBS/GET OUT OF MY EXAM ROOM," "BEWARE, THE GOVERNMENT HEALTH COLONOSCOPY WILL REAM OUR CONTROL AND $/STOP THE LIBERAL IDIOTS" and "SILENCE IS CONSENT" were some of the "sentiments" expressed by the 40 plus protesters at Congressman Issa's office and the 20 plus TEA Party Patriots gathered at Congressman Bilbray's office. With current discourse showing some signs of weakening support for "Obama-Care," now is NOT the time to be silent. Now IS the time to hold our elected officials' feet to the fire so this anti-private health care sector, trillion dollar boondoggle reaches the halls of Congress DOA. Go to the "links" pages and hit 'em hard with telephone calls, e-mails and those FREE fax messages... the constant whirring of the facsimile machines will drive 'em nuts!


11 AUGUST 2009

On 11 August 2009, NCC attended Congressman Bilbray's second "Community Coffee" (sans the coffee) at Rancho Bernardo's Ed Brown Senior Center. This early morning "town hall" (8:00 - 9:00 a.m.) was more like a recent prime time presidential news conference; with "Obama-Care" the news of the day, the Congressman proffered a number of vignettes about his former life as a local politician instead of spending the hour plus on health care. With the majority of the 125 to 150 attendees being senior citizens, NCC felt that the Congressman missed an opportunity to allay their concerns, especially as related to "end of life" decisions

Following the meeting, NCC was approached and queried by a lady identifying herself as a member of the Escondido Democratic Club. Wearing our North County Conservatives T-shirts and knowing that we are not funded by BIG bucks, as has often been alleged by the current administration and the media, the point was made that the attendees were everyday people with genuine concerns about the direction in which their country is being taken. NCC also encountered a lawyer who plans a 2010 run for the seat currently being held by Congressman Bilbray. When NCC commented that tort reform was needed to cut the cost of health care, she retorted that this was not so. Maybe she never heard of a former Senator and Presidential Candidate, a lawyer who accrued millions suing doctors and hospitals, then swaying jurors for judgements that were, in fact, caused by "acts of God." This possible candidate for Congress has also written about the current health care controversy (go to http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-08-10/news/tracy-emblem-the-politics-of-health-care-coverage) and follows the Obama mantra of blaming the insurance industry for rising health care costs. She writes, "Now these same people have stepped it up a notch inciting people to become vigilant and mob-like at town hall meetings around the country. They are being told to disrupt public forums which are being held to open the dialogue about the need for health care reform." This did not happen at today's gathering.

Another lady approached NCC and said that "Medicare is government health care; why is everyone protesting... they haven't read the bill." NCC simply replied, "they shouldn't be voting for it if they haven't read it!"

14 AUGUST 2009

On 14 August 2009, a number of NCC members along with TEA Party-aligned folks from North County attended the protest against government run health care (Obama-Care) at the downtown offices of Senators Boxer and Feinstein.

You can view the KUSI video of this event at http://www.kusi.com/home/53261172.html.


24 AUGUST 2009

The "Meet And Greet" the troops at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, 23 August, was a great success (see story on our "Meet & Greet Follow Up" page). To view NCC's new video of the event, please go to 


29 AUGUST 2009

The "March on Sacramento" was a truly historic event.  FANTASTIC VIDEO FROM SAC 8.28: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5856558/15321653



Vista, CA -- NCC along with 3,000 others attended Congressman Darrell Issa's health care town hall" meeting held both inside and outside the gym at Rancho Buena Vista High School. Using dual-numbered rolls of tickets, selected ticket holders were able to ask their questions from four wireless microphones strategically placed throughout the gym. In fairness, those listening to the proceedings from the cooler surroundings outside were also afforded an opportunity to query the congressman. The questions were many and varied and were answered without hesitation by Mr. Issa. Those who weren't able to question the congressman at the meeting were invited to visit his website. A prompt answer was promised for each question submitted. To ask your question, go to the following URL:  http://issa.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm.




Please click on  http://www.c-span.org/Watch/Media/2009/09/12/HP/R/23055/Conservatives%20to%20march%20on%20Washington.aspx

One FOX commentator reported (erroneously) that 75,000 protesters attended the "9.12 Taxpayer March on DC." NCC remembers one woman quipping, "Gee, there were 75,000 people in the hotel lobby!" Take a look at this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5pegAIQ01A), and if you believe the above number, there's a bridge in Brooklyn we'll sell you!

NCC'S take on the event is posted below:


Greetings Patriots!

It was 3:40 a.m. on 9/11 when our little band of excited patriots was picked up by Super Shuttle for the trip to Lindbergh Field for our first visit to the nation's capital. Following T.S.A.'s "right of passage" made necessary by those who would harm us eight years ago, we boarded our flight for the first leg of our journey... one of us without his can of shaving cream! Upon arrival, we immediately knew we were heading for something BIG when we found flyers with the "9.12 Taxpayer March on DC" logo at the Denver International terminal. We also chitchatted with those of like mind who were waiting to board our connecting flight. Even folks who weren't going our way lent their support for what we were doing.

Leaving the Mile High City on time, we arrived at Reagan National at about five o'clock. A shuttle hustled us from the airport to the Hyatt Regency where the spirited craziness had already begun. Walking in through the revolving door, we immediately heard the roar of the crowd from the lobby below. It was like the Fourth of July, New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday all rolled into one! There were all types of flags, the Gadsden and Union Jack, state flags (most notably that of Texas) and various flags from different periods of our history. The signs were many, varied, and all homemade with many created in a room set aside to make even more for the next day's march. Add the variety of TEA Party T-shirts and period dress worn by a number of patriots and it was a moving collage of color and high energy sound. Following dinner amid the throng of folks just enjoying being Americans, we retreated to the quiet of the ninth floor for a bed time three hours earlier than usual.


Saturday morning dawned cool and gray following a period of rain just prior to our arrival in the DC area. Our return to the lobby found a refreshed version of the night before now fueled by the excitement of the purpose for being in the capital city. Since Freedom Plaza, the starting point of the march, was several blocks from the Hyatt, members of our group left in two cabs... not to be reunited for the rest of the day! The crowds were growing so large at the Plaza that we had to walk the final block (see photo, above left). The accompanying photo was taken among the throng that had gathered.

The March on the Capitol was to have started at 11:30, but because the roadways around the city were becoming blocked, the march began two hours ahead of schedule at the request of the DC police. Participants were to have formed into delegations by state, but because of the large numbers, this never happened. Just the same, California's folks managed to come together on the southwest lawn of the Capitol building (see photo, bottom left). The march itself was a blast with spontaneous chanting erupting along the way. Of note was the chant, "Read the wall," as we passed the Newseum, a Pennsylvania Avenue building having the words of the of the First Amendment etched on its face (see photo, bottom right; photo © Sam Kittner/Newseum).


The speakers at the Freedom Plaza gathering and the Capitol Hill rally were numerous and varied. For a complete list of those who spoke or entertained, please go to http://912dc.org/agenda. Of particular interest to locals was the presence of San Diego author and motivational speaker, Mason Weaver. Mr. Weaver is thought to be contemplating a run against 53rd District Congresswoman Susan Davis in 2010.

Running till well after 3:00 p.m., the rally was a blast! Interspersed with the obligatory "U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A. ..." and the protest's central call out of "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?" was the more comedic "We own the dome, we own the dome ..." when the capitol police appeared on the upper level of the Capitol building (see photo, below left). And hoping to get their picture on the cover of a future issue of the Valley (Center) Roadrunner, NCC'ers had their photo taken with a recent copy of the local paper for Editor David Ross (see photo, bottom right).


The numbers at the event were staggering... and historic. The "lame stream media" would have you believe that the total was somewhere in the thousands while a more "conservative" estimate would put the number in the high hundreds of thousands to well over a million. Check the available You Tube videos; you decide.

While walking through the throngs of patriots, we noticed a gentleman dressed in period clothing holding a sign with the Jeffersonian quote that has appeared on this website in the past and is currently on the reverse side of our business card (see photo, bottom left). Speaker Pelosi also made a guest appearance and there was a young man who wanted to share his conservative values.


It was our understanding that the south lawn of the Capitol held 70,000, so why are all these people here?


Below are two rooftop photos of the "9.12 Taxpayer March on DC." The photo, bottom left, is of Freedom Plaza, the gathering point for the march to the Capitol. The photo on the right shows the crowd on Pennsylvania Avenue as it heads to the Capitol from Freedom Plaza.


The TEA Party protesters make their way along Pennsylvania Avenue and pour into the Capitol. 
Pictures don't lie.
What a day! Your NCC was part of history... and YOU were with us in spirit. We also were part of history on the 15th when we were in the House Gallery during the Democrat's chastisement of South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. It was Congressman Wilson who yelled "You lie" during the President's health care speech to a Joint Session of Congress the previous Wednesday. The outburst came when the President said the legislation would not mandate coverage for undocumented immigrants. Gene Buehl, NCC spokesman, ran into Congressman Issa when he was in the Rayburn Office Building to get our House and Senate Gallery passes. He told Gene that he was on his way to the House for the Wilson vote. While walking toward the Metro, our group met and spoke with Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Tom McClintock. Wearing our blue North County Conservatives T-shirts, it was like Old Home Week!
Our five day visit to the DC area included a cruise to Mount Vernon on Sunday, "touristy" sightseeing on Monday, tours of the White House and Capitol on Tuesday and visits to Ford's Theatre and the house in which President Lincoln died on the morning of our departure. We returned to Lindbergh Field Wednesday evening feeling that we had played our part... "We sent a message."

Below coverage from the local news media:

http://www.fox5sandiego.com/videobeta/watch/?watch=0c60f15e-78cc-4487-b654-b20c7a283d2c&src=front (Fox5)


 10 OCTOBER 2009

On 10 October, in order to counteract the boycott of Whole Foods initiated by the left following a Wall Street Journal article written by Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey (see http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204251404574342170072865070.html), NCC supported a "buycott" at the Whole Foods Market in La Jolla. Mr. Mackey's article laid out perhaps the most articulate argument FOR real health care reform.. and by inference, it also made the argument AGAINST the government-run plan being pushed by the administration and Congress.


17 OCTOBER 2009

On 17 October, we joined hands with San Diego's Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition for their Eco-Tyranny TEA Party and Donations Drive. This protest was held along San Diego's Embarcadero and was also the First Annual TEA Party Donation Drive at which local TEA Party groups, including NCC, could accept donations for their 2009 T-shirts and bumper stickers in an end-of-year fund raising push. NCC plans to produce and introduce an entirely different T-shirt for 2010, so this was one of the last  opportunities to get the 2009 edition which celebrated our TEA Party on April 15th.

See the full story on the purpose of this protest on our "California Happenings" page.


18 OCTOBER 2009

The big fight over health care “reform” was on and the single payer (government option) advocates  were counting on "We the People" to get tired, but that didn't  happen! At high noon on Wednesday, 21 October,  NCC protested socialized health care at the San Diego offices of Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.


14 NOVEMBER 2009

NCC sponsored the premiere screening of "Not Evil Just Wrong" in the Community Room of the Valley Center Library. This film refutes the global warming claims made in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."


21 NOVEMBER 2009

NCC sponsored the premiere screening of "Not Evil Just Wrong" in the Mitchell Room of Escondido City Hall.


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