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 Governor Brown Signs Co-Ed Bathroom Bill

California Students Lose Their Right to Privacy



Sacramento, CA - Assembly Bill 1266 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown today. AB 1266 forces schools to allow students to participate in sex-segregated school programs, sports activities, and to be allowed access the bathroom and locker room of the student's choice consistent with his or her opinion of their gender. The law is the first of its kind in the country.


"Current law dealt with this sensitive issue on a case by case basis," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, "but this bill was never about helping a few children that experience gender dysphoria - it is about furthering the radical Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender agenda by utilizing the public school system to force acceptance of the lifestyle on our children.


"This law takes away students' privacy rights, puts our children at risk, and limits the authority of local school districts. AB 1266 does not require proof for students who claim to have gender identity issues so the school administrators will have to take the child on his or her word when they want to use the facilities of the opposite sex. The law does not provide safety measures to prevent abuses of this policy - districts' will have lawsuits coming from both sides because schools have no authority to fully protect the majority of students.


"The homosexual activists are forcing San Francisco values on all California public schools at the expense of the most vulnerable, our children."


California transgender students given access to opposite-sex programs


Gender ID bill bears risk of personal pain: Debra J. Saunders


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6/10/2013 - SENATE EDUCATION (Based on text dated 4/25/2013)


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Slow Walking For Our Children


If you have followed the referendum effort to overturn the California bathroom law over the last thirteen months, you have probably noticed that sometimes we are running fast and sometimes we walk slowly.  


In August of 2013, Governor Brown signed the law that declared that K-12 public school students could choose which bathroom and locker room they would use based not on sexual reality, but on their self assessed sexual identity.  And with that signature, opponents of the new law had a mere 90 days to collect over 500,000 valid signatures to qualify a referendum allowing the voters to reject the law before it was scheduled to take effect.  


With your help, we sprinted to collect and deliver approximately 620,000 signatures.


Then everything seemed to go into slow motion as we waited for the counties to validate and count the submitted signatures.  There was one flurry of activity during that time as we were forced to take the Secretary of State to court when she wrongly refused to count signatures in two counties.  We shared with you the outrageous facts where in one county the signatures were delivered timely but "returned to sender" by manipulative staff.  The court quickly ordered the Secretary of State to count the signatures in both of these counties.


But when the full count for all 58 counties came in, there was clearly more game playing.  The Secretary of State announced that more than 1 in 5 of those signatures were not valid, making us slightly short of the necessary number of signatures.  And we went back to court.  The slow process got even slower. Judging by the obstacles thrown in front of the attorneys representing Privacy For All Students, a slow process is exactly what our opponents wanted.  


Those who favored the bathroom law thought we would give up or run out of money if they just kept objecting and refused to give us the documents we need to prove that many of the rejected signatures are valid.


But walk or run, we plan to keep fighting until every valid signature is counted and the voters of California are allowed to vote down this misguided law.


Where are we now?  The PFAS attorneys will be back in court on Friday as they continue to build the case that more than enough valid signatures were submitted. And our attorneys were just awarded attorney's fees from the last successful suit against the Secretary of State, partially offsetting the huge costs in a long battle like this.


Bear with us while we slow walk through the legal process.  And keep thinking of that day when we can sprint to the polls to vote to overturn the bathroom law.


Karen England


Privacy For All Students



PS  Fast or slow, this process is very expensive.  While we are thankful that the State will have to pay our legal fees from the last action, we still need funds to continue this battle.  If you have never contributed to this effort, or have not contributed recently, please donate to PFAS today.


Make a contribution to Privacy For All Students today!


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