“Abandon American Culture to become a Global Citizen” message of Common Core

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Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education

Karen Bracken is a local Tennessean who is an expert on Common Core. Please listen to the lies of the Progressives and the radio spots from TNProsperity.com. Then, watch this video and you will understand this battle between liberals and conservatives over the minds of our children. Common Core is the beginning of the federal government having complete control over your children. Just as Obamacare is the beginning of government control over who lives and dies and when – population control. Both federal mandates, Obamacare and Comm(unist) Core were bribed into existence, and not read until after they were passed. Everything Obama is doing from over-regulating business, to stopping the Oil Pipe, to halting the coal industry and oil drilling here, to promoting the human-caused global warming lie in order to control energy, to socialized medicine, to Common Core – all of Obama’s socialist/communist policies are intended to crash our economy, eliminate the middle class, and “redistribute the wealth” globally. WAKE UP AMERICANS!!

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